Paneora GF Vegan Bread

Pane Ora


Local  (Dunedin) -  Organic  -  Gluten free  -  Plant Based. Fresh in store every Tuesday and Thursday.

Our bakery is called Pane Ora, which is a combination of the Italian word Pane (which means bread) and Ora (which means good health in te reo Māori). Bread for Good Health! We do this by...Choosing quality 100% organic or spray free flours that encourage good farming practices such as hemp flour and buckwheat flour. We love those crops, when buckwheat is planted, phosphorus that is bound in the soil can be released and it also attracts beneficial insects to the area which is sown, including our old friend the bee, meaning high pollination. The greatest benefit of buckwheat to the end consumer, naturally, is its gluten free status and its ability to be substituted in everyday cooking for those who have sensitivities to wheat or other grains that contain gluten.


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