Multigrain Sourdough 800g

The People's Bread


Brown rice is our favourite kind of rice and thus makes our favourite kind of bread. Combined with wheat in sourdough it makes for an exceptionally nutritious and delicious bread. 

~Runner Up, Cuisine Artisan Awards 2016~

Made with love in Wanaka.

Ingredients: wheat*, brown rice*, stoneground white flour*, spring water*, unrefined sea salt*. 

*Certified organic and biodynamic (demeter) ingredients. 800g

The People's Bread is true whole grain bread made by hand which has premium nutritional value and taste. All products are made from freshly milled certified organic and biodynamic flours with grain sourced as locally as possible. The Peoples Bread grind the grain themselves immediately before making the doughs. The dough is left to ferment up to 24 hours during which time it works its magic activating wild yeasts and lactobacilli before being transformed into the magnificent loaves you are able to buy. You can not buy a better quality or fresher loaf than this. 

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