Hand Sanitiser

True Blue Organics



True Blue Organics Hand Sanitiser -  certified, laboratory tested, traceable and safe on sensitive skin. low alcohol, fast drying,moisturises with Calendula flower oil, natural fragrances, no petroleum products, no synthetic antibacterials (no Triclosan)

Use it regularly before touching surfaces, food or people when you are ill or visiting someone who is. It gives protection when changing nappies and cleaning up kids, take it to events, picnics and playgrounds or tramping and camping.

Handy at home, in your car, workplace, nursery and especially in an earthquake survival kit.

Hand sanitisers usually contain at least 60-70% alcohol as an antimicrobial and drying agent. Tea Tree’s powerful antibacterial properties allow us to reduce the alcohol content to less than 30%. Adding lemon oil and our own organic moisturising Calendula oil we complement Tea Tree’s pleasant fragrance Safely and naturally.

Available in 60 and 200ml pump bottles. 

NZ made.

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