Activiated Seed Mix



Little seeds dream of sprouting into trees someday. But before they’re ready to sprout they protect themselves from being eaten by hungry little animals. A husk is not their only protection, seeds have a few more tricks up their sleeves to help on their journey to plant-hood.

Seeds contain compounds that make them hard to digest for animals (and us humans). These compounds stop the seeds from releasing their nutrients until they’re ready to sprout. But what if there was a way to trick seeds into thinking they were about to sprout, locking all the nutrients in and making them taste fresh and sweet? Oh and did we mention extra, extra crunchy? This is a process we call ‘ACTIVATING’!

Try our activated seed mix, which have been sprouted and then dehydrated at low temperatures to maintain all of the nuts’ nutrients, making them digestible, delectable and ever so moreish for us hungry little animals. We hope you enjoy nature’s perfect snack!

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