Rice Syrup



Our organic Rice Syrup (also known as Rice Malt Syrup) is produced from the finest raw rice that is slowly broken down through the action of natural cereal enzymes. This traditional process preserves the nutrients and wholesome flavours of the rice. Our rice syrup process (See FAQ for process) does not use barley or any other grain so is gluten free, GMO free, Kosher and Certified Organic.


Brown rice syrup contains a mix of sugars including higher sugars resulting in a low glycaemic value, which means it does not cause a sugar rush or a sudden spike in blood sugar after consuming it. Rice syrup provides a mildly sweet flavour great for cookies, cakes granola’s, pies and pudding. Drizzle over ice cream pancakes and cereals, or try adding it with your favourite tea or coffee – it works! 

  • Sugar Free
  • Macrobiotic Sweetner
  • Organically Certified

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