Detox Clay

Pure South


Natural clay of Southland New Zealand. 

Calcium Bentonite is a gentle cleansing clay, clays have a wonderful property to affect the body as a whole by giving it the resources it needs to fight off disease e.g. by removing toxins, not just from the intestines, blood vessels and lungs but working on a cellular level, helping to cleanse the body cells of toxic waste and provide minerals essential for effective health. Due to clays negative charge it actively seeks out free radicals and toxins. When ingested clay can help heal and detoxify the whole way through your body. To help promote good digestion and energy levels clay can be drunk once daily.

Key Benefits: Helps in the treatment of reflux, bloating, skin rashes, arthritis, heartburn, and indigestion.

Also good to bathe in. Clay baths work by drawing out toxins through your skin. When the pores open they allow the negatively charged clay to suck out toxins and impurities. Nutrients in the clay also help to nourish and strengthen the skin. To fix a clay bath sprinkle 1-2 cups of slowly into the bath as you run it. The same can be done for a foot bath with 1/2 cup of clay. Alternatively you can sprinkle the clay slowly into the bath as you run it.

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