Natural Body Sponge

Sustainable Sponges



Natural sea sponges are a luxurious, natural alternative for bathing and cosmetics. The sea sponge contain innate enzymes and minerals that help prevent the development of odours, moulds, and bacteria.  They are hypoallergenic because they are naturally processed and contain no artificial ingredients, chemicals, or toxins of any kind.  As a result they are safe, softer, more absorbent, lather extremely well, and are not known to cause skin irritation.  Because natural sea sponges are very soft and hypoallergenic, they are the perfect choice for newborns and children. They generally last much longer than synthetic sponges, and at the end of use are fully biodegradable. Cultivated in ecologically sound conditions grown and sustainably harvested so they remain a renewable resource.

Two sizes available; facial and Body

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