Rain Forest Drinking Chocolate

Natava Superfoods


NATAVA CERTIFIED ORGANIC RAIN FOREST DRINKING CHOCOLATE is a delicious blend of raw organic heirloom wild harvested Cacao Powder, organic Mesquite, organic Chili Powder, Sea Salt, organic Cinnamon Powder and organic Coconut Sugar.

We’ve blended some of our favourite amazing superfoods to make a smooth, nutrient dense Superfood Drinking Chocolate that’s perfect for the whole family.

Our raw organic cacao powder is an heirloom variety that is wild harvested from cacao trees grown in the lush rain forest regions of Ecuador in high-elevation volcanic soil.

The cacao trees are nourished by rain water and deep mountain springs. By combining these powerhouse ingredients together you get the perfect combination for a hot chocolate or a cold milkshake that’s loaded with superfood goodness.

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