Laundry Liquid 1 Litre


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Earthwise Laundry Liquid is suitable for front loaders, top loaders and hand washing. It's concentrated so only a small amount is required to leave your clothes fresh and clean. It's grey water and septic tank safe and contains biodegradable surfactants - a gentler choice for you and the environment.

Available in a range of subtle fragrances available plus ultra sensitive fragrance free and Earthwise Black wash - specially designed to keep your black and dark coloured laundry looking its best.

Suitable for use with hot or cold water. Do not pour directly into garments, use the machine dispenser. For hand washing premix with water then wash or soak as required. For stubborn stains treat with Earthwise Fabric Stain Remover then wash as usual. Always read garment and machine washing instructions. Wash colours separately. Do not use for delicates or woollens.

made in nz 

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