Cider vinegar & sea salt

Proper Crisps


At Proper Crisps we believe in real food. We were tired of settling for over-processed, artificially-flavoured potato chips so we decided to make our own. In 2007, we travelled around the world in a quest to find out how to make a truly outstanding crisp.

Staying true to our core values, Proper Crisps are always 100% natural, with no compromises. The entire artisan selection is gluten, dairy, MSG, GMO free and vegan friendly.

At Proper Crisps we hand sort our potatoes. They are then cooked and hand stirred in small batches, before being spun in a specially-designed centrifuge to remove any excess oil. We inspect the crisps to meet our rigorous standards and sprinkle them with natural flavours. Finally, they are delivered fresh to the market place.

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