Sheep Milk Cheese

Blue River


Inspiration for Blue River Tussock Creek Feta is taken from the Greeks and made the traditional way using only the purest fresh sheep milk. Feta cheese is classified as soft cheese. Blue River Tussock Creek Feta is left to mature in brine for between 6-12 months. This develops a mild, softer, creamier cheese that is less salty with fewer holes. A unique and authentic taste that can only be produced from sheep milk.

The word feta is derived from the Italian word “fette” which means a slice of food. The cheesemaker selects batches of Blue River Tussock Creek Feta and matures this for a further 12 months. The result is an aged feta cheese. A rich, creamy and crumbly feta cheese. The flavour profile is more mellow and full flavoured; described as almost a winey taste.

Cheddar cheese originates from the English town of Cheddar in Somerset. As with all Blue River Cheeses, a traditional cheese making technique is used to produce Blackmount Cheddar. Made using only the purest fresh sheep milk, Blue River Blackmount Cheddar is matured for approximately 12-18 months, allowing the cheese to develop a dry, firm and flaky texture, almost free of holes. The flavour profile is a rich, tangy, nutty flavour.

While Blue River take their inspiration from Italy, Curio Bay Pecorino from New Zealand certainly has its own distinctive style. Pecorino is the name of a family of hard rinded Italian cheeses made from ewe’s milk, the word derives from pecora meaning ‘sheep’. Using on the purest milk available, it’s ideal for cheese making. Although found traditionally as a hard rinded cheese, Blue River Curio Bay Pecorino is a fresher style cheese with a creamy, soft, white texture. Aged for between 5-12 months the cheese develops a subtle nutty flavour, that as it is further matured the flavour becomes more complex and stronger.


Halloumi originated in Cyprus many centuries ago. Monowai Halloumi is made from 100% pure sheep’s milk. It is creamy white with a fibrous texture, and is coated with mint to add character and flavour. It should be heated to reveal its true character. Monowai has a shelf life of 6 months in its original wrapper. Remember that halloumi is a cooking cheese, so the flavours only prevail when heated. Simply slice and dry fry, grill, or bbq until golden brown for the best result.


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