Cocoa Powder

Trade Aid


By buying this fair trade cocoa you:

-bring positive change to cocoa farmers' lives
-provide them with hope for a brighter future
-bring justice to international trade
-are simply making a sweet choice.

Delicious 100% organic cocoa. Contains no nasty anti-caking agents. Better for you, the farmers and the environment. Vegan and gluten free. 

Millions of cocoa farmers face economic ruin as the prices they receive for their crops are often less than the cost of production. Low prices mean poverty and hunger for these growers all over the world.

fair trade is a way out of the poverty trap. fair trade supports cocoa co-operatives with higher prices. An additional payment of a social premium funds local community projects and provides farmers with access to a range of services, including education for their children that provides hope for a brighter future. A sweeter deal for all!

Buy in our 100% biodegradable packaging and save.

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