Chlorella Powder

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100g, LifeFoods Chlorella is 100% certified organic, and packed with minerals and vitamins.

Chlorella is well known for being an incredible superfood, as its one of the most phytonutrient-rich wholefoods found on the planet. Chlorella is a single-celled, water-grown algae that consists primarily of a nucleus and has a very well-balanced ratio of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, containing from 2-3% chlorophyll, vitamin B's and iron. Chlorella contains more chlorophyll per gram than any other plant in the world.

Containing 60% pure digestible protein, Chlorella is also one of the highest sources of protein on the planet.

LifeFoods Certified Organic Chlorella has a 'cracked cell wall' to maximise digestibility. To safely achieve this, a patented low pressure process is used to ensure the nutrients in the Chlorella is never damaged.

How to Use Chlorella:

Chlorella Powder can be taken by simply stirring into a glass of water or can be added to a smoothie or a glass of juice.
Whilst it is believed that it is almost impossible to take too much Chlorella, it is important to introduce it gradually into your diet. Gradual introduction allows your body to adapt to it, especially the digestive and intestinal systems. 

Health Benefits of Chlorella:

  • Chlorella contains vitamins C and E, an array of B vitamins, amino acids, folic acid,
    beta-carotene, lysine, and iodine.
  • Is a source of iron and calcium.
  • The Chlorophyll found in Chlorella means it can assist with detoxification
  • It a source of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, such as chlorophyllase and pepsin. 
  • Perfect for people who follow an alkaline diet

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