Chestnut Flour

Golden Fields


500g. Golden Fields is made from spray free sweet chestnuts. New Zealand is one of the few countries free of the crippling chestnut diseases and pests, chestnut blight and gall wasp. As a result, it is not necessary to use insecticides.

The drying, shelling and removal of the inner skins have been done thoroughly in order to obtain this very fine, very white flour.

Chestnuts are low in fat and contain no cholesterol, while other nuts have more than 50% fat content. They are much more like a grain than a nut, comparing favourably with brown rice, but containing almost no sodium.

The chestnut is high in carbohydrate, has no gluten and contains the right amount of proteins for a balanced diet, including all nine essential amino-acids. Its protein is comparable to that of an egg.

Use this chestnut flour, alone or as a replacement for some of the wheat flour, to make cakes, pancakes, pastry, porridge, or to thicken soups. Many ideas can be found on the internet.

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