Scottish Mackerel

Fish 4 Ever


125g sustainably-fished Scottish Mackerel in spring water. At Fish4Ever we're proud to have the smallest boat in the global tuna industry. It shows that we care. Our promise is good canned fish. Good in taste and quality. Good in health and nutrition. Good in sourcing practices, from the fishing itself all the way through to the people that produce it and the communities impacted.

We care about the sea. Since 2001 we've been banging on about sustainability. But it's not just about the sea — it's also about the people that do the fishing and their local communities. Traditional fishing communities are the guardians of the sea. We want fair wages and good working conditions for both fishers and cannery workers. We also care about our farms and the land: all our farmed ingredients should be healthy, tasty and sustainable too. We care about waste so we don't use wasteful fishing methods that throw back dead fish into the sea and we make sure there is as little waste as possible along the way. Canned fish is an excellent source of good food, handy and convenient, with very little waste.

We care about our customers and the products we supply. We believe obviously that our fish should taste good so we choose better ingredients and only work from the whole fish in small artisan factories where a large part of the work is done by hand.

Fish4Ever is an action brand. We will continue to campaign for better fishing and a fairer world but in the meantime our promise to you is simply "good canned fish".

Thank you for buying our product — we couldn't be Fish4Ever without you!

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