Loved being able to get a decent juice and quality milk while on holiday here.Well stocked and in a handy location.

After a few days into our holiday of struggling to fullfil my whole food diet, I was so excited to pull into Wanaka and park directly in front of the Soulfood Store and Cafe.
I was able to buy all I needed and I also returned the next morning to buy a mixed salad to take on my journey for lunch.

Good amount of grocery items and fresh food was very tasty.

I visit this store and cafe every time i go to Wanaka. I like the food here and they have variety of organic stuff available here. I like to buy their soap.

We love eating at Soul Food, the chef is so creative and Paul’s sense of humor adds to the atmosphere. Wide selection of salads and raw foods. Love the twist on sushi. Never disappointed, always happy!

Stocks just about everything we needed for organic wholefoods to satisfy our vegan diet. It is a mini Wholefoods (USA) or Harvest Wholefoods (Auckland, NZ) Exception is lack of variety for fresh leafy greens.