Prices are quite variable – some things were more expensive than I was used to in Australia but also plenty were surprisingly cheap. A fabulous range to look through and while I didn’t eat there, there were some delicious looking items available.

I recommend the shop. They sell vegetables,fruits,cold storage products,food and sweets also.
I bought GF and non-sugar cake and cookie,sushi(brown rice,only plant food).

The best stuff for work lunch, feeling great after the food, no processed packets here, handmade and wholesome. Fabulous! And get your groceries from here too, because organic is best.

Stocks just about everything we needed for organic wholefoods to satisfy our vegan diet. It is a mini Wholefoods (USA) or Harvest Wholefoods (Auckland, NZ) Exception is lack of variety for fresh leafy greens.

We love eating at Soul Food, the chef is so creative and Paul’s sense of humor adds to the atmosphere. Wide selection of salads and raw foods. Love the twist on sushi. Never disappointed, always happy!