Love this wee place – seating area out back is lovely in summer and we always go here for the great and wholesome food. Lovely place!

After a few days into our holiday of struggling to fullfil my whole food diet, I was so excited to pull into Wanaka and park directly in front of the Soulfood Store and Cafe.
I was able to buy all I needed and I also returned the next morning to buy a mixed salad to take on my journey for lunch.

Good amount of grocery items and fresh food was very tasty.

There are lot of options to eat there. I eat some quesadilla and it was delicious. The service is really good

Stocks just about everything we needed for organic wholefoods to satisfy our vegan diet. It is a mini Wholefoods (USA) or Harvest Wholefoods (Auckland, NZ) Exception is lack of variety for fresh leafy greens.

Prices are quite variable – some things were more expensive than I was used to in Australia but also plenty were surprisingly cheap. A fabulous range to look through and while I didn’t eat there, there were some delicious looking items available.